The Still House at Gervasi Vineyard (GV) is home to The Still House Café where the coffee is always fresh, hot (or iced) and fabulous. Enjoy your cup of java with pastries and snacks while basking in the amazing vibe of an Italian café.

All of the favorites are offered including expresso coffees such as lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, Americanos and shots in the dark. Other popular drinks include iced coffees and teas, Italian sodas and soft drinks. And, why not be adventurous and try some of the flavored syrups, pour overs or a French press coffee?

Kimberly Sayer is operations manager at The Still House and she believes there are three things that make GV’s coffeehouse a favorite stop: having the perfect vibe or ambiance; exceptional products (made with authentic Italian coffee); and being surrounded by the Gervais property.

Gervasi Coffee at The Still House

Gervasi’s Italian Café Vibe
The Still House Café is one of the perfect Gervasi experiences. The building style is unique to the area. Sayre calls the architecture of the building “stunning.”

It has a cathedral feel to it and people are drawn to it because they feel welcomed and comfortable. Guests come in for small meetings and gatherings of friends and family. It sits next to one of the area’s walking paths and people often stop in after finishing a walk.

“The Still House is a wonderful gathering place and the décor and ambiance of the coffeehouse transports people to a café in a Tuscan village,” Sayre said.

Great Coffee at Gervasi
“The coffee has to be good and it has to be authentic,” Sayre said. “When Gervasi adds a product line, they do thorough research to find the best and highest quality.”

Gervasi Vineyard brews its own brand of fresh ground coffee named Gervasi Caffè. It is a unique Italian roast that is USDA certified organic, fair trade certified, locally roasted and delivered fresh each week.

The House Blend (regular and decaf) is served at all GV restaurants. The Dark Roast is served exclusively in The Bistro and The Still House for espressos, cappuccinos and lattes.

Coffees Crafted by Experts
In addition to the exceptional, fresh Italian roast used in making all coffees, the ideal end product depends on the experts preparing each cup. The 10 baristas at Gervasi are expertly trained and thoroughly experienced in making the perfect cup of coffee.

GV baristas are all knowledgeable on using fresh ground ingredients in precise amounts and exact processes to make the best cup of java you can imagine.

Interacting with customers is also vital. Baristas greet customers when they come in the door. They can also offer guests assistance on all things Gervasi.

The Food at The Still House
Great coffee is even better when served alongside delicious food. The menu at The Still House offers specialties for breakfast and tasteful temptations and desserts for the afternoon and evening. Two of the top sellers include the vegetable frittata and the sausage, egg and cheese calzone.

All of the foods served at The Still House and all restaurants at Gervasi are made on property and made with the freshest ingredients.

Coffee at The Still House

Spending the Day at Gervasi Vineyard
Gervasi Vineyard is designed to make you feel as if you are visiting an Italian village. Best to make your trip a full day visit or an overnight stay at The Casa or The Villas.

The coffeehouse can be the starting point each morning –and an ending to a perfect day.

You can come to the cafe for that first cup of coffee, eat lunch on the property at the cafe or at The Crush House. Then have dinner at The Bistro and come back to The Still House for cocktails and live music.

Gervasi’s expertly prepared and exciting cocktails turn the café into a cocktail lounge every evening. The Still House is also home to GV’s distillery where Gervasi makes their own label of small batch spirits.

The Still House, Gervasi

Added Modern Conveniences
Ted Swaldo and his family own and operate Gervasi Vineyard and The Still House is Inspired by the St. Gervasio church in Denno, Italy where the Swaldo family’s grandmother was raised.

While you will immediately fall in love with the European old-world design of The Still House, you will also find some modern conveniences such as free Wi-Fi and plenty of electrical outlets for laptops so you can get some work done while recharging yourself with an afternoon expresso.