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Jewelry & Accessory Brands

The Marketplace at Gervasi Vineyard offers a wide selection of national jewelry and accessory brands.

UNOde50 – is authentic for its creativity, unique style, bold spirit, 100% handcrafted “Made in Spain” production process.

Rebel Designs – distinctively unique handcrafted accessories with an edge for both men and women!

Hammitt – functional and beautiful leather handbags that are designed to last forever.

Qudo Interchangeable a highly collectable range that taps into the current global trends for stackable and interchangeable jewellery. Qudo combines ingenious design and expert German craftsmanship with a huge kaleidoscope of fabulously colourful gem tops including Swarovski crystals. These can be mixed and matched to create brilliant and bespoke collections to suit any mood and wardrobe.

Lizas Jewellery– created in Hannover, Germany, Lizas Jewelry creates colorful, beaded bracelets to match every outfit.  Lizas Jewelry believes jewelry is not just an unimportant accessory, but the icing on the cake for each woman’s personal style.

Nordic Beach – a one size fits all, warm, comfortable, cozy and durable hooded wrap that flatters any age and any body type.