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Gervasi Hot Pickled Peppers

Hot Pickled Peppers

Quality is everything. The Gervasi Cucina Collection features quality products locally made and inspired by family. They capture the essence and character of our Tuscan roots and our commitment to excellence. Our hot pickled peppers are grown in Ohio and prepared with all natural ingredients. Serve them on an antipasto platter or enjoy them straight out of the jar! Their zesty flavor will awaken your tastebuds and add a little kick to your next Italian meal.

Gervasi Cucina Wine Brownie Mixes

Wine Brownie Mixes

Caramel Toffee, Drunken Cherry, Lots of Chocolate and Tipsy Chip

Gervasi Cucina Bread Mix

Bread Mix

Tuscan Herb Olive Oil

Gervasi Cucina Bread Dipping Spices

Bread Dipping Spices

Tuscan Blend & Parmesan Basil

GV Marketplace Olive Oils and Vinegars

Italian Imported Olive Oils & Vinegars

Best Selling Olive Oil: Tuscan Herb
This bestseller captures the flavors that emanate from kitchens dotting the Tuscan countryside. Its mix of basil, garlic, rosemary, and sage imparts a classic Italian palate to any dish, and in many ways does your seasoning work for you. A great everyday oil, it tastes delicious with everything from salads to pasta to pizza crust. It’s so versatile, you can even use it to fry eggs.

We also have Garlic, Lemon and Leccino.

Best Selling Vinegar: Gold Label
With its well-rounded flavor and thicker consistency, Balsamic Vinegar is a wonderful “everyday” balsamic, and the ideal gift for traditional gourmands who like a little sweetness in their dishes. Pair this Balsamic Vinegar with any of our flavored or unflavored extra virgin olive oils to complement everything from salads to meats, soups to seafood. Drizzle it over strawberries or ice cream for a delectable twist on dessert, and enjoy the balsamic taste that won’t ever let you down.

We also have Fig, Pomegranate and Raspberry.

GV Marketplace Candles and Diffusers

Diffusers & Candles

Gervasi Vineyard has diffusers and soy candles in three scents that speak back to the property:
Celebrate Life – Champaign scent
Toasted Barrel – White Mahogany scent
GV Cucina – Citrus Basil scent

Slush Mix

Slush Mixes

Fromanza – Mix with a bottle of our Romanza wine to make the Rosé Wine Slushy that we serve on the Piazza during the summer.

Freddo – Mix with any wine or spirit for a wine slush or frozen cocktail.

Gervasi Spirits Mixers

Cocktail Mixers

Cold Pressed Cherry Black Tea – Mix with Gervasi Spirits Sinner’s Blush Rosé Vodka

Cucumber Mint Limeade – Mix with Gervasi Spirits Small Batch Gin