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GV Destinations Employee Communication

In response to the coronavirus pandemic crisis and the extreme impact it is having on our business and our employees, we have created this employee-only communication webpage so there is a centralized place for us to communicate and store important information to best assist you during this very difficult time. We will continue to email, call, and text you information, but this webpage will also be updated with the same information. You can also submit questions using the online form and we’ll continue to build a Frequently Asked Questions section on the page. Lastly, we’ll continue to add links and other information that may be helpful to you.



Last revised: 4-7-20

Discount Meal Assistance

  • All employees receive a 50% discount on all carryout options available, including The Crush House, The Twisted Olive, and Family Style options at The Villa Grande. Details can be found on our website.

FREE Meal Assistance

  • 100% of delivery fees and tips being collected by salaried staff as part of our new carry out/delivery programs is being directed to GV/TTO staff impacted by the layoff. Each week will provide FREE family style meals to staff in need using the collections from the previous week.
  • How does it work?
    • If you are need of meal assistance, submit your request confidentially through the form at the bottom of this page by Tuesday at noon each week.
    • A Family Style meal package will be prepared for pickup on Thursday at the Villa Grande between 12-3pm. Food will be cold so you can heat it up at your convenience. If pickup is an issue for you, please let me know when ordering and we will find another solution.

If requests exceed our collections, we will do our best to accommodate as many requests as possible so we apologize in advance if we cannot fill every weekly request.


Communications Log

4-2-20 Easter Week Staff Assistance

3-30-20 Gift Card and Free Family Meal Update

3-27-20 Gift Card Follow-up, Meal Program, Benefits/401K Info and More

3-25-20 New Staff Assistance Option – $50 Gift Cards

3-23-20 Staff Update

3-18-20  A Personal Message

3-18-20 NEW Unemployment Filing Information

3-18-20  Updated Unemployment Filing Information

3-17-20 Employees over 65

3-17-20 Operational Changes, Unemployment, PTO

3-16-20 Restaurant, Bar, Events Closure



Ohio Unemployment Information:

GMS CONTACT – You can contact our GMS account representative Jackie Brand for assistance at

PTO Request Form – Submit requests to Jen Wiley at



Q – For unemployment filing, how should I classify the reason? 

A – You should enter “Laid Off” or “Lack of Work”. Do NOT answer “Leave of Absence” or “Strike/Lockout”, GMS reported today (3.23.30) that some employees used these last two responses which could delay the unemployment benefit. If you did, see if you can change it directly with your own filing. GMS will change it when they see it come through but again, this might cause a delay.

Q – Will my length of service be negatively affected by this layoff? 

A – No, this current layoff related to the coronavirus crisis will NOT impact your length of service when you return to work…i.e. your hire date will remain the same as it was prior to the layoff.

Q – What happens with my PTO when I return to work if I am full time?

A – PTO accruals will start up again when you return to work if you remain full time.  Accrual rates are based on length of service so there will be no change of the rate since your length of service is not changed.

Q – Do I have to resubmit new hire paperwork when I return to work after the layoff? 

A – No, your file remains open in our system and you are currently classified as laid off.  Once you return to work, your classification would just go back to active. No resubmittal of new hire paperwork will be required.

Q – What happens to my job after this shutdown is over?/Will I get called back to work?

A – It is our hope that employees impacted by the business shut down would be called back to work when business resumes as soon as is possible. What none of knows yet is how long this crisis will last and what life and business will look like after the shutdown. Will customers come back?…in what volume?…how soon? All of these variables would have an impact on how quickly we can call back employees. Our hope is that business will be robust again soon and we can call everyone back as soon as possible.

Q – I heard unemployment is for full wages if you have kids in your care at home…is this true? 

A – No, having dependents does not impact your unemployment.

Q – Are part time employee eligible for unemployment if out of work?

A – Unemployment doesn’t look at hours so much as they do weekly wages. If you are part time with no change in hours you are ineligible. If you are part time and have been drastically reduced or are full time and reduced to part time, then you can file and potentially could be eligible so long as your potential unemployment benefits exceed your weekly paycheck. Most states agree that a worker who voluntarily chooses to cut back on hours or work part-time is not eligible for partial unemployment benefits, which in the case that someone was hired part-time and knew they were part-time would more than likely not get partial unemployment.

Q – Will my health plan through GMS pay for the COVID-19 testing (Codes U0001 and U0002)?

A – Yes. GMS will waive member cost share for these tests when administered by in-network providers in accordance with the CDC guidelines.

Q – Will my GMS health plan cover the treatment for COVID-19?

A – Yes. Treatment for COVID-19 is eligible under the normal provisions of the plan when following CDC guidelines.

Q – Will employees have a waiting week before their unemployment starts?

A – No, Governor DeWine (Ohio) has waived the waiting period for all lack of work claims so employees can start collecting as soon as the claim has been processed.