Gervasi Spirits is inspired by our promise to develop new endeavors and products that people will enjoy as much as our vineyard and wines. By our true nature, we love the challenge of building new spaces and mastering processes that create great experiences.

So, the next stop is Gervasi Spirits, which will initially feature our wine barrel-finished bourbon, rosé vodka, and blood orange gin. These flavor-infused spirits are carefully crafted to enjoy neat or as signature ingredients in our creative cocktails. The cocktail list ranges from the tried-and-true classics of the prohibition era all the way to the cutting-edge flavor combinations and flair techniques of today’s mixologists.

Visit the Still House

Coming soon!

Enjoy our traditional Manhattan or a contemporary potable like The Bitter Heart Beet – an earthy and unique cocktail that plays with gin, herbs, and juices.

The Distillery

Gervasi’s distillery integrates technical innovation and traditionalism to produce liquors or spirits that are rooted in the Gervasian artistry of passion, craft and creativity to offer potions of mystique and intrigue. The state-of-the-art facility is designed for an annual capacity of 25,000 bottles and is poised to produce bourbon, whiskey, vodka, gin, brandy, rum and Italian liquors.

Free Distillery Tours

Coming soon!

Public tours of the distillery at The Still House will be offered every Sunday, year-round (excluding holidays) at 12 and 1 pm. Get an up-close look the production process behind Gervasi Spirits when the new facility opens!