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How to Plan an Outdoor Wedding

Posted on June 24, 2019 in Events

Gervasi Wedding Photographer in Canton Ohio

With the right wedding venue and weather, getting married outside adds an element of natural beauty to the ceremony that wouldn’t be possible indoors. Nature can be unpredictable, however, so there’s a little extra planning to be done before the big day. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning an outdoor wedding.

Prioritize the Guests’ Comfort

One of the best ways to ensure a comfortable, pleasant wedding day for everyone attending is to plan ahead for the time of year. Is the wedding taking place in a hot, sunny month? Be sure to have lots of available shade and cold drinks, and maybe set the time for a cooler part of the day. If the wedding is to take place in a colder month, consider adding wind protection and even outdoor heaters. The wedding venue staff will be able to help ensure that everyone is comfortable, no matter the time of year.

Have a Plan B, Just in Case

The weather can be unpredictable, so it’s important to have a backup plan in case things take a turn for the worse. Find out if the wedding venue has an indoor alternative ready to go in the event of rain. It’s also wise to make sure that the catering staff, decorators, sound personnel, and photographers are all prepared to change locations at the last minute if necessary.

Plan Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobes Accordingly

If the wedding day is expected to be hot, windy, or humid, the bridal party and guests should have a look that can stand up to the elements. Discuss the weather forecast with hair and makeup professionals before it’s time to get ready so that they can give the bride, groom, and wedding party looks that will keep looking great for the entire ceremony and reception. This also applies to dresses and tuxedos that may be affected by humidity and wind.

Consider celebrating your wedding at Gervasi Vineyard. Our award-winning winery resort is home to some of Ohio’s best dining, shopping, and entertainment for wine lovers and families. Explore our signature outdoor wedding venue, The Pavilion, with seating for up to 300 guests and stunning views of our vineyard. Call us today at 330-497-1000 to learn more about our wedding venues and packages.

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Register now for Cucina classes

Posted on September 25, 2018 in Events, Food

Cucina classes offered at Gervasi

Maybe you’re watching a cooking show or halfway through a mouthwatering meal at a dinner party when it hits you: “One day, I am going to learn how to cook up a meal that will simply amaze my family and friends.”

Well, there’s no need to wait another minute because professional culinary help is as close as Canton’s Tuscan-inspired Gervasi Vineyard.

Housed in the elegant Villa Grande, The Cucina Culinary Education Center offers a wide range of culinary classes for individuals and groups where you’ll learn from top-notch professional chefs in a postcard-perfect setting. Soak up the passion and enjoy the pleasures of sharing great food with friends and family during hands-on, personalized instruction.

Reserve your space in one of a dozen themed classes where you can learn to serve sumptuous sushi, create Korean cuisine, master Mexican meals and even learn to make the finest flatbread. If you’re a fan of the food served at The Crush House at Gervasi Vineyard, sign up and learn how to prepare some of the favorites from this popular contemporary eatery. There’s even a class for gluten-free dishes.

The Gervasi Cucina (Italian for “kitchen”) is a fully stocked, spacious working kitchen surrounded by the vineyard’s luxurious villas. Whether you are a novice or a life-long gourmet, if you enjoy good food, good wine and good times, The Cucina is the perfect place to up your kitchen game.

For a unique and memorable outing, Gervasi Vineyard will work closely with families, friends or businesses to help plan a custom culinary offering including both private culinary classes and cooking demonstrations.

Imagine yourself in a kitchen full of loved ones or colleagues all working together to create a delicious meal in a fun and relaxing setting. Are you planning a friend’s wedding shower? Celebrating a special anniversary? Gervasi Vineyard can also help plan a cooking demonstration tailored to your event and needs.

And finally, for the ultimate in luxury getaways, consider booking a class or two while staying at The Villas boutique inn, just across the courtyard from the Cucina.

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The Bistro named among 100 Most Scenic Restaurants

Posted on August 22, 2018 in Food, News

The Bistro was recognized by OpenTable as one of the 100 Most Scenic Restaurants in the U.S. The 2018 list showcases restaurants that offer breathtaking views of nature, cityscapes or landmarks. Honorees were selected based on an analysis of 12,000,000+ reviews of more than 28,000 restaurants across the country. The Bistro was one of just four venues in Ohio to make the list, along with The Twisted Olive, another GV Destination.

View the 2018 list.

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Take a tour of the winery

Posted on August 20, 2018 in Winery

Winery tours offered at The Crush House

Call us biased, but we think there are a whole lot of reasons for you to come and spend some time with us at Gervasi Vineyard. But let’s face it – few of those reasons would exist without one of the key attractions at Gervasi: wine.

So whether you are new to the Gervasi Vineyard world or you’ve been here a dozen times, we’d like to show you how Gervasi’s head winemaker Andrew Codispoti and his winemaking staff turn grapes on the vine, our raisin d’etre, into delicious award winning wines during one of our many winery tours where wine novices and seasoned connoisseurs alike will learn first-hand about the Gervasi winemaking process.

Free introductory winery tours are open to the public every Saturday afternoon at The Crush House, located just a short walk from the five acres of vineyards used to produce Gervasi’s Family Reserve wines. The half-hour tours of our state-of-the-art winery facilities are the perfect introduction to this thousands-year-old craft.

For a more in-depth, intimate tour of the winery, consider one of Gervasi’s Pairing Tours also held Saturday afternoon at The Crush House. On these exclusive tours a Gervasi Wine Ambassador will give visitors a more in-depth, intimate tour of the winery and each tour concludes with a wine tasting especially paired with a selection of small bite appetizers.

And finally, private in-depth winery tours are available during the week for groups of up to 30 people.

No matter what tour you choose, be sure to take in the panoramic vista of the South Vineyard and surrounding landscape from the balcony of The Crush House.

While you’re here, feel free to take a relaxing stroll around the grounds taking in the gorgeous scenery followed by lunch or dinner at Gervasi’s Italian Bistro, The Crush House or, during the summer months, The Piazza outdoor patio.

Gervasi’s winemaking team takes great pride nurturing exceptional grapes at every step of the process as they strive to make our wines among the best in Ohio.  All 21 wines produced at Gervasi are cellared and bottled on the premises.

For a more casual experience, visit The Crush House Tasting Bar where you’ll find fifteen varietals of Gervasi wines are available for sampling.

Click here for more information on all winery tours.

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Cruise in for fun at Gervasi!

Posted on July 23, 2018 in Events

Cruise-Ins at Gervasi, Wednesdays, June-Sept

Even The Beach Boys would agree that Chevy “409” sitting there real cool like near Gervasi Lake is, well, fine. But wait; is that a ‘32 Coupe next to the Tuscan Pavilion? And over there, by the vineyard, that has to be the most perfect looking ‘62 Ferrari GTO you’ve ever seen.

Classic car sightings like these and hundreds more are all possible this summer at Gervasi Vineyard’s ongoing weekly car Cruise-Ins held Wednesdays at the vineyard from 5-8pm through September.

At what has to be the most amazingly picturesque place for a car show ever, these casual, fun, family friendly gatherings for car lovers of all ages are free and feature a wide range of cars and trucks from the very old to the not so old. Enjoy the best of both worlds as you wander between fenders while enjoying the surrounding beauty of the vineyard’s grounds and buildings.

Each Cruise-In is sponsored by a different car club featuring American as well as foreign classic cars, but anyone is welcome to add their own classic car to the mix. Weekly door prizes and 50/50 raffles benefiting select charities are part of the mix every week along with food discounts for the first 100 car owners in the showcase lot.

But, just a reminder – do not forget where you are! Yes, those cars are cherry, but just feet from a chrome fender or two is The Piazza patio, the perfect place for dinner and drinks after taking in the four-wheeled sights.

The Piazza offers casual dining in wide open seating in full view of the vineyard’s spring-fed lake. Gervasi’s world-class red and white wines are available on the patio along with craft beers and the fan-favorite sangria. Bocce is played just feet from The Piazza so if you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at this European classic, here’s your chance. After dinner, throw a blanket on the lawn next to the lake and chill as the sun sets once again on Canton’s Italian-inspired oasis of charm, class, good eats and fine drinks.

Additional information and guidelines for GV Cruise-Ins cruisers and visitors can be found here. For more details on The Piazza, click here.

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