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Gervasi Spirits

Gervasi Spirits are inspired by the desire to develop new endeavors and products that people enjoy as much as Gervasi’s vineyard & wines.

*Limited Availability

    • Bourbon

    • Maple Cask*

      Nuances of sweet maple syrup interlayered with bourbon’s spice and honey tones

    • Rum Barrel*

      Notes of crème brulee interlaced with light spice and barrel tones

    • Wine Barrel

      Notes of sweetness and spice with elegant grain and barrel tones

    • Gin

    • Saint’s Desire Blood Orange

      Reflections of Italian blood orange in a medley of citrus notes

    • Small Batch

      Enticing florals with zesty citrus aromatics and echoes of a classical botanical canvas

    • Pink Peppercorn

      New Release - Available Soon
      Floral expressions of Pink and Szechuan Peppercorns for an inspired aromatic and taste

    • Rum

    • Spiced*

      Notes of caramel and butterscotch with layers of vanilla, cinnamon and hints of cherry

    • Liqueur

    • BLU*

      Fashioned by a maceration of farm fresh blueberries and fine grain spirits

    • Citro

      Lemon, lime, and orange trio producing a zesty, tart citrus and velvety sweetness

    • Giava

      Coffee liqueur infusion; delivering alluring sweetness and rich coffee flavors

    • Vodka

    • Sinner’s Blush Rosé

      Fruity nuances in a flirtatious and seductive hue

    • Small Batch

      Exquisite and impeccable; a complement to pleasurable moments