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Laura Prengaman
December 28, 2012 | Laura Prengaman

Behind The Vines: What Grapes does Gervasi Vineyard Grow?

Grapes are one of our oldest cultivated plants, and wherever humans have settled, we've  endeavored  to nurture varieties suited to a particular terrain. Even in classical Rome, Virgil concluded vine-growers had cultivated so many distinct varieties, no one could know the true number.

For our Canton vineyard, we have selected six varieties from the tens of thousands of named varieties grown today. Each has been selected for its cold weather tolerance, and the excellent wine potential of its fruit.

As we nurture young vines in our Canton vineyard  to fruitful maturity, we get to know the distinct growth habits and cultural requirements for each of our varieties. Eventually, if all goes well, we get to enjoy the unique color, form, aroma, and flavor of each variety of fruit.

Take a stroll through our vineyard rows on the hottest days of August, and you'll be rewarded with seeing each variety display its distinct and beautiful yield.  Whether it is our Frontenac Gris vines straining under the weight of their intriguing bronze-hued fruit borne in long, dangling clusters, or our youngest vines, Petite Pearl, so anxious to bear fruit that they produce miniature blackberry-sized clusters in their very first season, the personality of each variety soon becomes apparent, characteristics and personalities that will be further  nurtured  and developed in our winery after the harvest.

Click here to learn about the background of the types of grapes Gervasi grows with Vineyard Assistant, Brian Gregory!

Stay tuned for more tours of Behind the Vines at Gervasi Vineyard!


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