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Laura Prengaman
August 22, 2013 | Laura Prengaman

The Celebration Tree: A Symbol of New Beginnings

The Celebration Tree: A Symbol of New Beginnings

"The wonder is that we can see these trees and not wonder more" ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

This regal red maple was once the harbinger of impending autumn on this property. It was a majestic tree with dazzling splendor and renowned for displaying constancy and strength. 

Certified arborists were consulted when the maple showed signs of health problems. When the prescribed treatments, including deep root feedings, failed to save the sick tree, removal was recommended. Gervasi Vineyard, not willing to lose the symbolic tree, quickly devised a rejuvenation plan. 

The tree was once again called upon to proudly serve these beloved grounds. A legendary icon rooted in this soil, rich in history, and stretching its abiding branches towards the sky overhead.

Magnificently adorned with 10,000 LED lights (less than 100 watts), this illuminated beauty captures the very essence and spirit of the cycle of life - enlightening the way, lifting its majestic beams to the starry skies. In tune with the very rhythms of nature, this breathtaking wonder will no longer be limited to sharing its radiance only during the change of the seasons but throughout the entire year. 

Embracing its new beginning with a renewed sense of duty and purpose, the symbolic tree will light up the estate to illuminate the way. The Celebration Tree - a welcoming beacon to wayfarers seeking to celebrate with family and friends, to commemorate new traditions and new beginnings. 


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