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Laura Prengaman
April 8, 2013 | Laura Prengaman

Behind The Vines: Episode 16

Episode 16: Meet the Swans

Gervasi Vineyard's diverse fifty-five acres of vineyard, woodland, fallow pasture, and wetlands support a lively avian community.

Barn swallows and bluebirds nest in knotholes in our natural locust trellis poles, helping to control the insect population and keeping our grapevines healthy.

Chirpy killdeer build pebble nests on the open soil below the vines, depositing speckled eggs perfectly camouflaged amongst smooth glacial stones.

Eagles and hawks swoop majestically above our old crop fields, while sharp-kneed Great Blue Heron fish patiently in deep pools along the meandering creek that transects this, the last working farm in Canton, Ohio.

Among all of these creatures, however, it is clear that one pair rules the roost: Gina and Guiseppe, our regal pair of white mute swans.

During winter months you might find them bedded down on snow nests they build on ice patches on the lake, while on the first warm day in February, Guiseppe will dive to the deepest muck of the lake, to begin daubing a leaf, mud, and willow branch throne for lovely Gina.

It is during the summer months, however, that Gina and Guiseppe are in their element. On certain crystalline Tuscan afternoons, when the afternoon light is perfect, Gina and Guiseppe glide in to view. They pirouette, dive and splash extravagantly, and, on occasion, touch bills, elegant necks joined together as a heart, perfectly reflected in still blue water.

Being mute swans, of course they cannot speak, but we like to think this is their way of saying Grazie! Consider it your personal welcome to Gervasi Vineyard, and the romance of this place.

Click here to learn more about our resident swans, Gina and Guiseppe with Brian Gregory!

Stay tuned for more tours of Behind the Vines at Gervasi Vineyard!


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