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Laura Prengaman
March 29, 2013 | Laura Prengaman

Behind the Vines Episode 15

Episode 15: Wine Bottling Process

A Time Capsule for Wine

I'm always intrigued with the detail and complexity of a ship in a bottle, but even more fascinated by the mysterious life of "wine in a bottle".  

The enjoyment of wine is the climax of a life whose journey begins with the newness of bud break at springtime.  While its character originates in nature, it is explained and guided by science and crafted by artful vinification.  Then at the perfect moment, wine is transferred into a "time capsule", the bottle, where it awaits release.

Unlike a traditional time capsule that we hope to unearth unchanged, a wine's personality is nurtured by its captivity. It undergoes a continuation and progression of life. Will the wine's delicate freshness be preserved?  Will its robust character grow in complexity and soften? Will the wine achieve its aging potential?  The winemaker's final influence on these matters lies in the precision of the bottling process.

With so much at stake, Gervasi exercises the best practices of art and science at each step of the bottling stream to assure both the preservation and evolution of the wine's characteristics until it can be enjoyed by our guests.

In this segment, Gervasi Head Winemaker Andy Codispoti describes the physical steps in this most critical operation.

"Great wines are made by design," Andy Codispoti

Click here to learn about the wine bottling process with Andy Codispoti, Gervasi's Winemaker!


Stay tuned for more tours of Behind the Vines at Gervasi Vineyard!


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