Gervasi Vineyard has been recognized as an award-winning, premier destination winery resort for over a decade. Known for their classical varietal wines, gourmet meals, luxury hotel and old-world, Tuscan-inspired villas.  As you pull through the bronzed front entrance, you instantly feel the warmth of the magnificent Tuscan landscape.

Gervasi Vineyard is now devoting the same attention to detail and commitment to quality in its small batch spirits line.  Gervasi has already made a splash in the glass with its Wine Barrel Bourbon, Small Batch Gin, Saint’s Desire Blood Orange (gin), Sinners Blush (rosé vodka), Small Batch Vodka and Wheated Bourbon.

To celebrate the new line of spirits, Gervasi is introducing a special spirits blog series over the next eight weeks. This exciting series will call out key spirits, signature cocktails and details about how they were developed, fun facts and other “did you know” type of information for spirit lovers alike. Plus get an exciting view of what makes Gervasi’s signature cocktails a tasty success. The first stop is to learn more about The Still House – the high-tech distillery, cocktail lounge and cigar lounge all housed in a modern chapel-like structure.

The Still House, Gervasi

Gervasi’s Tuscan Chapel – The Still House
Travel to any Italian village, and there is a church at its center.  When it came time to determine the design features of The Still House, considering it would be a gathering place and welcome center, it seemed appropriate for it to take on the look of an Italian-style chapel.

Paying homage to the family’s roots, the Swaldo family elected to mirror the architecture and style of St. Gervasio in Denno, Italy, the church where their Grandmother was baptized.  In particular, the steeple and spire emulate the original church built in 1542.

Gervasi Estate Expands with a State-of-the-Art Distillery
Gervasi’s owner Ted Swaldo has been interested in craft spirit production for some years.  He and his team at Gervasi Vineyard witnessed the growth of craft spirits and realized that segment could reach new audiences while offering new experiences for guests to explore.

During the planning stage of the distillery, located in The Still House, it became clear that the operational procedures and methodologies that supported Gervasi’s winemaking success would also apply to distilled spirits production.  The expert team leveraged their winery expertise in process control, quality and operations and applied it to the development and operation of the distillery.

The state-of-the-art facility integrates technical innovation and traditionalism to produce spirits that are rooted in Gervasian artistry. Distillation is accomplished with a 1,000-liter hybrid still comprising a traditional copper alembic pot still for bourbon and whiskey production coupled to dual copper reflux columns and a botanical chamber to produce vodkas and gins.

The 150-liter hybrid batch still allows for research and development as well as small batch boutique production. The barrel program utilizes only superb North American barrels produced from three-year seasoned white oak by a leading cooper in Kentucky. Further refinement and differentiation of selected spirits is accomplished with hand-selected used Gervasi wine barrels.

A supervisory computer monitors and controls key process steps, and safety systems monitor air quality in the manufacturing facility.  Leading edge software facilitates process data logging, reports and documentation.

Gervasi Cocktail Lounge

Cocktail and Cigar Lounge
The interior of The Still House is designed as a swanky cocktail lounge. The best place to enjoy a locally made spirit is where it is made. The cocktail lounge provides guests the opportunity to enjoy a specialty craft-cocktail from contemporary mixologists, Gervasi wines and locally made craft beer before or after dining in one of GV’s restaurants. Live music, offered in the evenings makes the experience even better.

What pairs well with cocktails? How about a cigar? It seemed fitting to add a comfortable and spacious cigar lounge alongside the cocktail lounge, since those are two indulgences that people enjoy on a night out. Some combinations just fit, and bourbon and cigars are one of those perfect pairs. Forgot your cigar at home? No problem. Gervasi offers over a dozen cigars from which to choose.

Gervasi Vineyard Cigar Lounge

Spirits Blog Series: Classic Cocktails & Gervasi Spirits
Whether you like your cocktails shaken or stirred, join in as the Spirits Blog Series introduces you to the most popular cocktails and recipes from The Still House featuring Gervasi Spirits. This eight-part blog series continues every Thursday.

  • Blog 2: The Old Fashioned made with Wheated Bourbon
  • Blog 3: The tried and true Manhattan using GV’s Wine Barrel Bourbon
  • Blog 4: The Gimlet made with Small Batch Gin
  • Blog 5: The Negroni with GV’s special Blood Orange Gin
  • Blog 6: The Lush Blush Martini made with Sinner’s Blush Vodka
  • Blog 7: The Moscow Mule made with Small Batch Vodka
  • Blog 8: NEW RELEASE! Gervasi Spirits Rum Barreled Bourbon & Cognac Barreled Bourbon