The 7th Annual Bellissimo Fine Art & Fine Crafts Show drew more than 50 artists and artisans and a vast array of unique creations. Visitors were asked to vote for their favorite artist, and after 560 votes were tallied, Deborah Russel was named People’s Choice for her glass bottle serving trays.

Deborah’s process begins by melting the bottles for 22-26 hours. If the bottle has a paper label, it takes four extra hours to remove the label, reapply and coat with finish. Each bottle is tempered, which makes it suitable for heating and freezing. The result is a functional dish that can be used for anything from serving appetizers to displaying business cards. She uses many old, antique bottles from brands like Coke, Pepsi and Clorox. The bottles are decorated to match the label and are displayed in a color-coordinated manner. All bottles are unique, and they can be personalized for each customer.

Congratulations Deborah, and thank you to all artists who participated in this year’s event!