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Gervasi Vineyard™ Wine Awards

2018 Ohio Wine Competition

*Winemaker's Note: I am very excited to share the magnificent work our team did this past season. Passione and Lascito (two of our Family Reserve wines) performed their best ever. These are the first gold medals for these wines. Out of 16 Double Golds awarded in the competition, Gervasi received two.

Passione - Double Gold
Sognata - Double Gold
Lascito - Gold
Lucello - Silver
Zin Zin - Silver
Truscano - Silver
Ciao Bella - Bronze
Romanza  - Bronze


2017 Ohio Wine Competition:

Bellina - Double Gold
Sognata - Double Gold
Lucello - Gold
Truscano - Gold
Zin Zin - Silver
Romanza - Silver
Piove - Silver
Passione - Silver
Lascito - Silver


2016 Ohio Wine Competition

Unita - Gold
Lucello - Gold
Sognata - Gold
Piove - Silver
Truscano - Silver
ZinZin - Silver
Brigante - Bronze
Lascito - Bronze

2016 Ohio Department of Agriculture

Director's Choice Award: Best Dessert Wine from Ohio Wines - Sognata 
Click Here to View Certificate

2016 Finger Lakes Int’l Wine Competition

Abbraccio - Double Gold, Best in Class
Zin Zin - Double Gold
Truscano - Gold
Piove - Gold
Sognata - Gold
Romanza - Silver
Ciao Bella - Silver    


2015 Ohio Wine Competition

Lucello - Gold
Fioretto - Gold
Truscano - Silver
Bellina - Silver
Sognata - Double Gold, Best of Show, Dessert Wine


2014 Ohio Wine Competition

Bellina - Silver
Lucello - Silver
Truscano - Gold
Sognata - Silver
Romanza - Bronze

2014 Finger Lakes Int’l Wine Competition

Bellina - Bronze
Nebbiolo - Silver
Truscano - Silver
Velluto - Bronze
Malvasia Bianca - Gold

2014 San Fransisco Int’l Wine Competition

Zin Zin - Bronze
Velluto - Bronze


2013 Ohio Wine Competition

Luce Luce - Gold
Truscano - Silver
Bellina - Bronze


2011 Ohio Wine Competition

Bellina - Silver
Romanza - Bronze

2010  Ohio Wine Competition

Bellina - Silver













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