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Experience the Vineyard at Gervasi

Vineyard EventsExclusive vineyard experiences throughout the year ranging from tours to gourmet dining in the Vineyard.

Upcoming Experiences:

Vineyard Tours - September 30, 2018 during Festa Gervasi! Grape Harvest Festival

Experience the Winery with a range of Winery Tours available. To learn more Click Here.
For seasonal pictures and updates from the vines, please follow our Vineyard Blog!


Our Vineyard

Gervasi Vineyard™’s winery produces wines made from carefully selected domestic and estate grapes. Our wine experts have impeccable taste and resources for finding the best selections for over a dozen varietals within our collection.

Our estate vineyard consists of nearly six acres, carefully sited on our historic fifty-five acre farm property. We’ve chosen three exceptional wine grape varieties, well-suited to our terrain and climate, to patiently nurture to fruitful maturity in our Canton, Ohio vineyard.


The North Vineyard

Entering our property from the front gate, you’ll see our picturesque North Vineyard on your left, situated on the west shore of spring-fed Lake Gervasi.

A stunning backdrop for lakeside and Pavilion weddings and events, and the site of our popular seasonal Vineyard Dinners, the North Vineyard was planted in 2009 and 2010, with a limited first harvest in 2012.

In the North Vineyard we grow Marquette (a grandson of Pinot noir), which bears a dark purple grape producing a ruby-colored wine, and the intriguing Frontenac Gris, lovely bronze-hued clusters which produce a lively, aromatic white wine.


The South Vineyard

Just past our orchard and along the roadway to Gervasi Village and the The Crush House®, our South Vineyard arises from a wooded creek bed on a sunny east-facing slope.

Planted in 2010 and 2011,  Aromella (an apricot-hued aromatic white) grapes grow alongside a 2016 planting of Marquette grapes. In addition to the 2010 variety, we have increased the number of Aromella vines this year in order to continue bottling our well-received line of Family Reserve wines, Passione and Unita. We look forward to a plentiful harvest in 2019!

From the balcony of The Crush House® eatery, you can enjoy a panoramic vista of the South Vineyard and surrounding landscape, and watch us nurture a young vineyard into fruitful production.


Meticulous Care

During their formative years, our vines require meticulous hands-on attention.

Our work in the vineyard is to channel the grape vine's rampant growth tendencies into a uniform, consistent trellis structure. We also limit the grape crop severely, to channel the plant's energy into healthy roots and trunks. Because we are growing wine grapes, we want the highest quality, most flavorful fruit, so each year we limit the crop to produce the quality our hand crafted wines require.



No matter how carefully the vines are tended, however, the grapes grown must be suited to the unique characteristics of the vineyard terrain from which they arise. That's a concept the French call terroir, the particular qualities of geography, geology and climate, that interact with the vine's genetics, to produce a grape and eventually a wine that reflect the "sense of the place" of a particular vineyard.

We can't help but think that somehow the particular beauty of this old farm, with its spring fed lake and pebbly vineyard hills of loamy soils formed by glacial outwash, will produce exceptional wines from the three grape varieties we've carefully selected and lovingly tended.

In the coming years, as each variety in our estate vineyard matures to offer its distinctive fruit, we look forward to exquisite additions to our portfolio of singular wines

Photogallery rendered here.

Learn more about our wines for purchase and winery tours or feel free to contact us for more details.

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Public and Private Tours

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Enjoy live music on the Piazza, stroll the Bellissimo Art Show and experience Gervasi Vineyard™. Learn More →


Cucina Culinary Classes

You'll dive in and get cooking with personalized instruction from one of our experienced chef instructors, and create a meal that you'll sit down to enjoy with a glass of wine.


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