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The Gervasi Team

These individuals make up a cohesive team that works together to ensure our guests have an amazing experience — not just some of the time but consistently. They are active participants, taking the initiative to help make things happen. Their whole approach is can-do: "What contribution can I make to provide the level of service that will comfort and delight our guests?” They consistently look beyond their own role and care about the team's overall goal. This commitment is about winning — they care about what the team is doing and they contribute to its success.

Effective teams pitch in to help each other and act together to accomplish the goal. The GV team players work this way by second nature. They respond to requests for assistance and take the initiative to offer the appropriate support to help get the job done.

Administration and Operations Team


I joined the team in November of 2009 and am responsible for the oversight of all operations and development. After several career changes I feel like this was what I was meant to do. I love working at Gervasi because of the great people I get to work with everyday who are passionate about what they do and it allows me to be creative and focus my efforts on providing our customers a memorable experience, our employees an opportunity to grow and an enjoyable place to work. What makes the Gervasi experience amazing is our ability to make people feel like they have truly escaped or have been transported to somewhere very special.

Favorite GV Spot: The Piazza during a warm summer night at dusk, the gas lanterns lit, the music playing...the feeling is incredible.
Favorite GV Dish: Tuscan Beef Short Ribs
Favorite GV Wine: Truscano
Favorite Quote: "Staying the same is falling behind."



I joined the Gervasi team in December of 2009. I manage all of our social media outlets and interact with Gervasi’s on-line community. I am also responsible for monitoring and responding to on-line reviews of Gervasi. I enjoy chatting with Gervasi’s customers and learning more about their experiences here as well as their suggestions. I feel a huge sense of responsibility to promote and advertise Gervasi Vineyard™ and to protect our brand by using social media. I never want our on-line interactions to lose their personal touch!

Favorite GV Spot: The Tavola Lunga, right in front of the big picture windows in the Bistro. I like to sit with my back to the window and watch our customers come and go. Nothing makes me happier than our guests' smiles!
Favorite GV Dish: Tuscan Beef Short Ribs
Favorite GV Wine: Primitivo! I love the big, bold reds in the winter months but in the summer I drink Lucello.
Favorite Quote: "You are only as good as the people on your team." -Ted Swaldo



I joined the Gervasi team in January of 2010, working in a variety of roles on Gervasi’s main property and at The Twisted Olive™ (sister location). I currently am responsible for all Food and Beverage outlets to ensure our guests have the best quality dining experience we can offer. After working in a variety of upscale hospitality venues it became apparent to me that this family business is very different from the norm, of the sometimes grueling hospitality industry. The continual push to be our best, surpass previous goals, and exceed guests expectations is THE norm here. Words cannot express how fulfilling it is to know I work with a team that shares the same core values. It is easy to feel amazed when you step foot on our property, but beauty is not enough to continue to amaze our repeat guests. Our exceptional staff is what makes this destination truly one of a kind. 

Favorite GV Spot: The round table right in front of the fireplace in the Bistro on a snowy winter night
Favorite GV Dish: House Made Gnocchi
Favorite GV Wine: The Abbraccio, our Cabernet is my favorite. It is full bodied red, the perfect thing to relax with after a long but enjoyable day.
Favorite Quote: "It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end." -Ernest Hemingway  "I"


Susan Monteleone


I joined the team in February of 2010. It is my responsibility to ensure all guests visiting the Gervasi Vineyard™ experience all we have to offer, and for guests to walk away wanting to schedule a return visit. I love working here because even though we have separate venues and separate buildings, we work as one team. Our ability to transport our guests to a place and time that allows them to enjoy old world class and an overwhelming sense of style makes the Gervasi experience amazing.

Favorite GV Spot: Sharing food and wine at the Tavola. It's great to begin an evening with a few old friends and to walk away with a few new ones.
Favorite GV Dish: Artisan Piatti
Favorite GV Wine: Piove

Favorite Quote: "Life isn't measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."


Frank Nigaglioni


I joined the team in July of 2014, and am currently responsible for managing the daily functions of the Villa Operations. My first memory of Gervasi Vineyard™ was sitting in The Crush House and thinking to myself, "Wouldn't this be a fantastic place to work!" Fast forward several years later, and I can honestly say that thought was so spot on and then some. I am one of those lucky few who can say "I love my job!" From the friendly guest interactions, the camaraderie and the professionalism of my peers, to the picturesque beauty of the Vineyard, I am so honored and fortunate to be a member of the Gervasi Vineyard™ family. What truly makes my day is when I hear feedback from guests about what a fabulous time they had staying at Gervasi and how much they are looking forward to a return visit! Our team and I take great pride in exceeding our guest's expectations and making their experience a memorable one. Gervasi Vineyard™ is about celebrating life. We have delicious food and award winning wines, but what truly makes the "Gervasi Experience" amazing are our dedicated and professional staff as well as the serene and picturesque beauty of the Vineyard.

Favorite GV Spot: Anywhere with a view of the lake. The beauty of the lake with the swans and the weeping willows, flanked by the elegant Tuscan architecture of the Villas and the Pavilion evoke a sense of serenity that you can cherish for a lifetime. 
Favorite GV Dish: My favorite Gervasi menu item is the “Chef Special.” Our fantastic culinary team does a marvelous job of coming up with fresh new entrees using local seasonal ingredients. 
Favorite GV Wine: I recommend our award winning Abbraccio (Cabernet Sauvignon) with a good steak. For something semi-sweet, I recommend our Lambrusco paired with some chocolate covered strawberries. Everybody has a different palate for wine so I always recommend doing a tasting at one of our elegant restaurants to see which one of our many wines you prefer. 

Favorite Quote: “Excellence can only be achieved when we push ourselves to our maximum potential.”



I joined the team in September of 2015. My key responsibilities are in marketing, advertising, community & media relations as well as outside sales and business/project development for GV Destinations. I love working at Gervasi Vineyard™ because it's such a beautiful I drive through the grand "Gervasi arch" each day, I take in the beauty of the property and really appreciate the sense of peace that comes with it. In addition, I love tourism and marketing; Gervasi Vineyard™ is a unique destination and offers so many products and services that I find it is so much fun to promote! What makes the Gervasi experience amazing is the fact that our winery is unlike any other...we are a destination! As an upscale winery with the feel of Tuscany, Gervasi offers our guests an AMAZING experience to escape from life and relax. Whether it's a bride's big day or a couple celebrating a night out, it's such a wonderful place to be.

Favorite GV Spot: Outside on The Piazza, enjoying a glass of wine with friends, while listening to live music and taking in the beauty of the lake on a gorgeous summer night.
Favorite GV Dish: I’m still making my rounds to try ALL the items on the menus, but if I had to pick my favorite “go to” menu item, it would be The Crush House Salad with Steak….so delicious!
Favorite GV Wine: I love Gervasi’s Moscato wine…perfect blend of sweet and refreshing!
Favorite Quote: "Smile and be kind to everyone…you don’t know what they may be going through."



I joined the team in August of 2010 and am responsible for financial reporting, reconciliations, receivables, payables and payroll. Some of my greatest talents are my attention to detail, process improvement and a passion for what I do. Gervasi is breathtakingly beautiful and the people are wonderful here. What makes the experience here so amazing is the views, the appointments and the service.

Favorite GV Spot: My office and The Villa Grande
Favorite GV Dish: Tuscan Beef Short Ribs

Favorite Quote: "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths."


Event Team

Natalie Unsworth


I joined the Gervasi team in October of 2013 at The Bistro Restaurant. In my current role as an Event Sales Specialist, I work with guests to create experiences and memories that last forever. I love the atmosphere at Gervasi and get excited to come to work each day! Being here is like visiting a destination and when I'm here I feel like I'm someplace outside of my hometown. Our staff make Gervasi an amazing place to visit and I believe that everyone who works here truly wants the guest experience to be top notch and world class.

Favorite GV Spot: Sitting by the fireplace on the outside terrace of the Crush House
Favorite GV Dish: Italian Chicken Napoleon
Favorite GV Wine: Truscano

Favorite Quote: "A girl should be two things...classy and fabulous" -Coco Chanel


Stephanie VanKirk


I joined the team in May 2016 and am responsible for helping guide businesses and guests in finding the perfect event venue at Gervasi Vineyard™ and the Twisted Olive™ to exceed their expectations. I love working for a company that prides itself on family values and building long lasting relationships with its staff and guests alike. One of the best parts about what I do, is I get to work with a great team of co-workers, all with the same goal in mind of creating and executing exceptional service for every single guest. Gervasi Vineyard™ Destinations is truly special because of the atmosphere that surrounds you when you visit any of our venues. 

Favorite GV Spot: Standing in the middle of a social event inside the Ballaria Sophia or Conservatory, seeing people truly enjoy themselves with the experience we can provide.
Favorite GV Dish: The Crab Cakes at The Twisted Olive
Favorite GV Wine: ZinZin
Favorite Quote: "The most wasted of all days is one without laughter" -E.E. Cummings



I joined the team in April of 2012 and over see the staff and service of banquet events. I love working at Gervasi because of the teamwork! We have it all, beautiful facilities, delicious food and wine, and amazing service!

Favorite GV Spot: Looking out over the lake from inside the pavilion - beautiful!
Favorite GV Dish: The Short Ribs! And I don't usually eat red meat!
Favorite GV Wine: Enjoying Piove and Lucello - perfect for a summer evening outside



I joined the team in April 2012 as an Event Server and am now coordinating and executing private events as an Event Coordinator. Not only do I love what I do, I love the people I work with. They make every day at "work" a blast! Our employees are so dedicated. They come to work every day with such a great attitude. They are always happy to help both our guests and each other. It creates a great atmosphere for anyone lucky enough to spend their time here. 

Favorite GV Spot: In the Pavilion right before the guests arrive, when the venue is set and ready for another beautiful event! It is a calming sense of pride to see what our team has accomplished
Favorite GV Dish: Vegetariano Piada at the Crush House®
Favorite GV Wine: Truscano - smooth blend, way too easy to drink!
Favorite Quote: "You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."



I joined the team in March of 2017. I am responsible for managing event details and ensuring the event runs smoothly. I love working at Gervasi because every day is different. Every event brings new challenges and proves to be a new adventure. Gervasi is a beautiful place to visit just to sightsee. The fact that you can enjoy great food, wine, and an amazing atmosphere is just the cherry on top! 

Favorite GV Spot: Looking out from the side of the pavilion over the lake in the morning. The scenery is so beautiful, and everything is calm and peaceful. It is the perfect place to take a deep breath and start your day.
Favorite GV Dish: The Sicilian Salad with grilled chicken on The Piazza
Favorite GV Wine: Velluto (Pinot Noir)
Favorite Quote: "Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step."



I joined the team in May of 2012 and assist guests in planning and executing their dream event. I love working here because of the teamwork. The beautiful scenery, wonderful food and wine and the amazing atmosphere make Gervasi an amazing experience for guests and staff.

Favorite GV Spot: Standing in the Pavilion looking out across the Lake
Favorite GV Dish: Chicken Piccata with Lemon Caper Sauce
Favorite GV Wine: Abbraccio
Favorite Quote: "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only turns on the light" -Albus Dumbledore



I joined the team in October of 2011 and am responsible for managing, organizing and executing events at Gervasi. I love working here because it is such a beautiful atmosphere, and I work with such a wonderful group of people. The Gervasi experience is amazing because all of the employees, from the grounds crew to housekeeping staff strive to achieve excellence in everything that they do. All of Gervasi's employees are very dedicated. 

Favorite GV Spot: I love to walk the pathway from the Villa Grande to the Bistro and admire the serenity of the lake. 
Favorite GV Dish: My favorite menu item at Gervasi is the Tuscan Beef Short Ribs.
Favorite GV Wine: My favorite GV wine is Tesoro {vidal blanc}
Favorite Quote: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit." -Aristotle



I joined the Gervasi team in October of 2012, working as a server in The Bistro. My role at The Twisted Olive™ is the point of contact after you book your special event with us! Together we will make certain that your event will not only be special but extraordinary as well. I wanted to be the wine steward because of the passion that I have for wine, the process of making wine, and of course Gervasi. I am looking forward to working with the winery team to further my education and then passing that education on to not only employees but guests as well. To be a part of a team that not only strives for excellence and growth but makes you feel part of the family, is indescribable. The level of professionalism and standards set are everything that I love about the GV Destination venues. From top to bottom both properties nail the definition of what a perfect experience is. The landscape, the food, the service, and most certainly the wine, come together to create Gervasi Destinations.

Favorite GV Spot:
Favorite GV Dish: The Twisted Olive™ Seared Sea Scallops with Red Pepper Jam and Fresh Basil Cream.
Favorite GV Wine: I appreciate ALL wine, but of course I do have some favorites! The Malvasia Bianca is my favorite white because I love the perfect blend of the floral and citrus notes. The Abbraccio is such a wonderful cabernet with a nice round finish.
Favorite Quote: "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great" -Zig Ziglar

Culinary Team


I joined the team in November of 2009 and oversee all food productions on the property. One of my greatest talents is a willingness to learn. There is always something new to look forward to and Gervasi. The people here makes the Gervasi experience amazing.

Favorite GV Spot: The Orchard
Favorite GV Dish: Any of our homemade pasta dishes
Favorite GV Wine: Truscano



I joined the team in February of 2010 and act as a liaison for the Executive Chef to the kitchen staff. There is so much to be learned by working here, so many different facets and opportunities. It is a great place to gain experience in the restaurant field because of all the aspects of the entire property. Gervasi is a place that everyone is proud to be a part of. It shows in the employees, the management and the owners. In turn that vibe flows right into the guests during their experience.

Favorite GV Spot: I love to be by the lake. Sometimes I take a walk by the lake late at night after dinner service. I always think about how much I love to fish when I see the lake.
Favorite GV Dish: The handmade pasta made from fresh pasta dough. Tallegio cheese filled pasta is a huge comfort food that hits home and pairs well with our GV wines.
Favorite GV Wine: Abbraccio; I love the long finish of this Cabernet.



I joined the team in February of 2010. I bake the pastries here, help with prepping food for The Bistro and maintain the Villa Grande Kitchen. I love what I do because of the daily challenges of the kitchen and it's such a unique place. Everything about Gervasi makes it amazing: the atmosphere, the food, the wine, and the staff.

Favorite GV Spot: Early morning drive to the Villas with the mist in the vineyards and the lights on the trees. Don't forget the deer popping up!
Favorite GV Dish: Seasonal Cheesecake
Favorite Quote: "No worries" Always seems to help!



I joined the team in January of 2010. I am responsible for preparing all the food for weddings, corporate and other special events at Gervasi, as well as any off-site events. What I love most about working here is the people I get to work with each day, the new challenges and the opportunities they provide that allow me to continue learning. The level of teamwork and working relationship between the entire event staff is great. Everyone does whatever is needed to ensure that every wedding and special event will meet or exceed the expectations of the guests.

Favorite GV Spot: The path leading from the Pavilion to the Villa Grande on a busy night
Favorite GV Dish: Any of the soups from the Bistro menus, especially the Corn Soup in the summer
Favorite GV Wine: Primitivo and Bellina
Favorite Quote:
""When you acknowledge, as you must, that there is no such thing as perfect food, only the idea of it, then the real purpose of striving toward perfection becomes clear: to make people happy, that is what cooking is all about"


I joined the Gervasi team in 2016 as an assistant for the Cucina classes. When the Culinary Director decided to retire, I knew that was where I wanted to be. From early on in my life, I have always loved being in the kitchen and I wanted a unique culinary education. After completing the professional coursework at Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland, I returned and started a catering and personal chef business. I have also worked for Kent State University/Stark campus in their corporate center, Williams-Sonoma as an instructor, and for a food manufacturing company. By utilizing both my professional experiences and numerous nutrition classes and seminars at The University of Akron, I became involved with a local celiac group as chef-mentor while catering their fundraisers. I am very excited to be a part of the Gervasi team and look forward to fun, informative and inspirational classes at the Cucina.

Favorite GV Spot: In the Cucina! To relax afterwards, I’ll have a glass of wine on the balcony of the Crush House. It is lively, yet easy and comfortable.
Favorite GV Dish: I love ‘sampling’ menus by trying two or three apps or sides. The Bistro Parmesan Risotto is wonderfully creamy and The Crush House hand rolled Provolone Carrozza and Italian Loaded Potato Chips are perfect to start the evening.
Favorite GV Wine: Lucello – light, bright, and crisp
Favorite Quote: “Cooking is like love - It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.”- Julia Child

Bistro Team


I joined the team in November of 2010. My key responsibilities are to ensure guest experiences is first class while managing a team to promote excellence. Gervasi Destinations embodies the highest standards of food, service and atmosphere. I knew the moment I walked into the Bistro in 2010 this company would be something I would be proud to work for. One of the reasons the Gervasi experience is amazing is starting at the top; the Swaldo family is incredible. In everything they do you can see the pride in all that is Gervasi.

Favorite GV Spot: The Balconatta is warm and inviting and a great place for a quiet glass of wine with friends.
Favorite GV Dish: Bolognaise
Favorite GV Wine: Amarone
Favorite Quote: The Swaldo family says it the best..."staying the same is falling behind"


Jess Schmidt


I originally joined the team in September of 2010 as a Piazza Host. Since then, I've had a multitude of roles, working on the Piazza, the Bistro, and the Crush House®. I am pleased to be rejoining the Bistro team! In all locations, I work with and for a great team to help make every guest's experience an exceptional celebration. To be a part of a team that acts as a family to serve our community is really wonderful. There is such company pride in what we do, and for a great reason! Our food, wine, atmosphere, and guests are unmatched. Our staff is exceptional, and they work so hard to make every guests' experience a special one. 

Favorite GV Spot: Being behind the bar helping to assist our bartenders and serve guests; there is always something happening and interesting people to talk to! 
Favorite GV Dish: Our features are outstanding. The kitchen staff is so talented and I trust them to always come up with something creative and delicious! 
Favorite GV Wine: I will happily sip any of our dry reds!
Favorite Quote: "Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive." -Howard Thurman



I joined the GV team in April of 2015 and I organize as well as execute private events at the Bistro to ensure a memorable customer experience for our guests. I love working here because of the fact that we are fundamentally based upon providing an excellent guest experience. I'm fortunate enough to be able to work at such a beautiful property and share and create these memorable moments with each and every guest I come in contact with. What makes the Gervasi Experience so amazing for others is that we are able to provide something very unique from the moment the guest steps on to our property until the very moment they leave. It's a retreat, whether it's for the weekend, for a relaxing dinner or a casual lunch, the entire experience transports you to another place. Completely surrounded by its immediate beauty, the fantastic food, great wine and some of the most passionate staff in the hospitality industry, makes it an experience that will stay with you when you leave.

Favorite GV Spot: My favorite spot at Gervasi is the Bistro. I love the essence of always celebrating a special occasion and the relaxed pace the night has to offer. Of course, the food and wine too!
Favorite GV Dish: The Artisan Piatti at the Bistro. A selection of imported Italian meats and cheeses, this is great as an appetizer or as a dessert. Its versatility lets it pair well with almost any wine on the menu.
Favorite GV Wine: My favorite wine is our Amarone. The complexity of this wine delivers subtle hints of dark cherries laced with black licorice yet still provides a nice nuance of oak from the wine aging in the barrel. The elusive long silky finish is the absolute best part about enjoying this wine.

Favorite Quote: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” -Mark Twain


The Crush House® Team



I joined the team in June of 2017. My role at The Crush House® is to ensure guests truly feel they are at a destination. From the moment our guests walk through our doors we want to provide them with world class service through our engagement, delicious food and wine, and friendly customer service. The entire Gervasi property has so much to offer anyone that is looking to get away! It is amazing to be a part of a team that strives to help all guests relax, celebrate, let loose, and have fun. You can even take a little Gervasi home with you from our amazing wine selection, organic fair trade fresh coffee, and gift baskets. 

Favorite GV Spot: The North Vineyard is the most beautiful spot!
Favorite GV Dish: Crispy Fig Crostatas drizzled with honey and topped with walnuts. Delicious!
Favorite GV Wine: Unita-“Unity” Marquette Blueberry, Black Current, Vanilla and Clove framed by supple Tannins and Dark Fruits.

Favorite Quote: "The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership." -Harvey S. Firestone



I joined the Gervasi team in November of 2017 to assist in the day-to-day operations of The Crush House. While my role encompasses many facets, my primary focus is to always provide unforgettable experiences to everyone that walks through the door. I have the honor of working with an amazing team that never settles and never says something is “good enough.”  Progress, change, and new ideas are encouraged at Gervasi in way that is difficult to find elsewhere.  This is a beautiful place to work, but it’s the people that really put it over the top.

Favorite GV Spot: The outdoor couches and fireplace at The Crush House®.
Favorite GV Dish: Any weekly feature put out by our fantastic chefs. The features are always beautifully crafted and delicious.
Favorite GV Wine: Amarone. I love bold wines with deeply complex flavor profiles and notes of dried fruits. 

Favorite Quote: “People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” –Maya Angelou



I joined the team in August of 2013 and have worked as a server and bar expert at multiple venues. My role at The Crush House® is to help execute daily wine tastings, make sure our bar team is trained and knowledgeable; as well as work to improve the bar, wine tasting and guest experience in all facets of our bar. Working for a family owned business is both rewarding and refreshing. The constant presence of our ownership allows us to interact and give feedback on ways to improve the daily guest experience. Being able to work for a company that tailor's its business model to its guests so well is quite a sight to behold. Every time I pull into either Gervasi or The Twisted Olive™'s property, I love how you are taken away from the street right into a property that feels so self-contained. It truly is a getaway.

Favorite GV Spot: It is a tie between the Four Seasons Room at The Twisted Olive and the Tower Room at The Crush House®
Favorite GV Dish: Again, a tie between the Brussel Sprouts at The Twisted Olive™ and the Short Rib Sliders at The Crush House®
Favorite GV Wine: Velluto - Between the earthiness of the wine, its wonderful tannic quality, and its balance, I have never had a glass that I have not thoroughly enjoyed.

Favorite Quote: "We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses." - Abraham Lincoln



I joined the Gervasi team in August of 2017, and have worked as a Bartender and Server at The Crush House®. My current role also includes being a Support Manager as well as serving guests and filling in where needed. I enjoy helping The Crush House® run smoothly and ensuring both guests and employees are extremely happy! I find the atmosphere here at Gervasi Vineyard to be astounding and the people even better. With such amazing landscapes and continuous fun celebrations, I'd rather not be anywhere else. I'm excited to continue growing with Gervasi and see just how far we can go!

Favorite GV Spot: The Conservatory is breathtakingly beautiful. Behind the Villa Grande, this round glass room bursts with greenery!!
Favorite GV Dish: Our Tiramisu is the best I've tried yet!
Favorite GV Wine: I love our Rosé, Romanza, and our award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon, Abbraccio.

Favorite Quote: "Normality is a paved road: it's comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it." -Vincent Van Gogh | "Sometimes the flowers arrange themselves." -Robert California


Marketplace Staff




Winery and Vineyard Team


I joined the team in February 2009 and am privileged to design our wines, oversee winery development, production and inventory as well as manage the wine portfolio strategy. I find satisfaction integrating the romance of wine with the principles of organization, process control, writing and teaching. The irresistible opportunity to exercise passion and creativity in a rewarding environment in addition to interaction with our guests and the community makes my job the best in town. The overall attention to excellence and the regard for those who create and those who come to appreciate the Gervasi Experience makes a compelling environment.

Favorite GV Spot: Spending warm summer evenings on the Piazza sharing food and wine with family and friends completes my enjoyment of our fabulous operation.
Favorite GV Dish: While I love all of our food, I can't resist the pizzas.
Favorite GV Wine: The one I am drinking at the moment.
Favorite Quote: ""Lucidare le scarpe" - Remember to shine the shoes" ~ Vincenzo Salvatore Codispoti



I joined the team in December 2011 and coordinate with the winemaking team to ensure quality control throughout the winemaking process, manage the laboratory and perform all necessary analyses, maintain bottling equipment and oversee bottling operations, as well as aid the Winemaker with blending trials and sensory evaluations. Gervasi promotes a positive working environment with an emphasis on quality. As part of the winemaking team I feel this facilitates my desire to craft exceptional wines. I find Gervasi to be an immersive experience. Once you drive through the iron arch beautiful scenery gives a sense of leaving your routine behind. You can focus on the moment at hand and enjoy the friends you came with. 

Favorite GV Spot: The bridge over the spillway on a cool autumn morning as the mist rises from the lake.
Favorite GV Dish: I love the Bianco Pizza, the flavors are always exceptional.
Favorite GV Wine: I think if I had a favorite it would make all the other wines we produce jealous. However, I do particularly enjoy making, and drinking, Bellina. The barrels literally sing during fermentation, and I find it fascinating how the wine matures and changes during the sur lie aging.
Favorite Quote: "Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed" ~ Response in preparation for receiving Holy Eucharist, derived from Mathew 8:8


Sandy Prentice


I joined the team in January of 2009 and create and maintain the appearance of GV grounds and Vineyard. It's been a continuation of a long relationship with the Swaldo Family that has allowed me the opportunity to create some wonderful landscapes at several locations. The Swaldo tradition of creating ideas in broad strokes and then letting those they have given their trust, to manage the details is a perfect work environment. The combination of a breathtaking facility, combined with great food and wine, served by a caring staff is an unstoppable combination.

Favorite GV Spot: Under the willow trees, in what is now Villa Portofino's patio space, looking back across the lake to the Bistro at dusk with the lights reflecting in the lake. 
Favorite GV Dish: Rib Eye Steak
Favorite GV Wine: Truscano
Favorite Quote: "Shoot the engineers, just build it!"



Villa Suites

Villa Suites for that Special Occasion

Reserve a suite or an entire Villa and enjoy accommodations tastefully designed with the luxury and feel of Tuscany.


Public and Private Tours

Experience Gervasi Vineyard™ and learn more about the wine making process while taking in the breathtaking views. Learn More →


Music, Art and More!

Enjoy live music on the Piazza, stroll the Bellissimo Art Show and experience Gervasi Vineyard™. Learn More →


Cucina Culinary Classes

You'll dive in and get cooking with personalized instruction from one of our experienced chef instructors, and create a meal that you'll sit down to enjoy with a glass of wine.


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Become a GV Club member and sign-up for loyalty rewards to receive cash rewards on every purchase you make at Gervasi Vineyard™. Learn More and Sign Up →

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